Understanding Youth-Related Activism in the South and East Mediterranean Countries

18 November 2015 | Workshop | English | Beirut
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Istituto Affari Internazionali organises the workshop in the framework of the EuroMeSCo project, co-financed by the European Union and the IEMed.

Researchers from the network and practitioners discuss the initial research results of the Joint Policy Study “Understanding Youth-Related Activism in the South and East Mediterranean Countries”. The Workshop examines in particular the actions, goals and strategies of youth movements in socio-political field, with case studies in Egypt, Tunisia and Palestine.

The first contribution to the report, written by Silvia Colombo, Senior Fellow at IAI, Rome, and leading author of the Policy Study, is meant to provide the framework for analysis for the whole Policy Study by dwelling on different aspects that are linked by the conceptualization of youth as a ‘narrative’.

The second chapter on “The Quest for Accountability and Socio- political Change in Egypt: Repertoire of Actions and Challenges for Youth Activism at the Local Level” is written by Nadine Abdalla, Research Associate at the Arab Forum for Alternatives (AFA) in Egypt.

The third contribution delves into the case of Palestinian youth, with specific reference to the young generations in Gaza. The chapter is drafted by Omar Shaban, Director of Pal-Think in Gaza.

The final contribution is drafted by Isabel Schäfer from the German Development Institute in Bonn on the topic of “Fostering a Youth Sensitive Approach in the EU’s policies towards the South and East Mediterranean Countries – The Case of Tunisia”.