27 Jul 2021

Thriving on Uncertainty: COVID-19-Related Opportunities for Terrorist Groups

This Public Debate aims at presenting the findings of the EuroMeSCo Policy Study on “Thriving on Uncertainty: COVID-19-Related Opportunities for Terrorist Groups".


28 Jul 2021
Auditorium du PCNS and Live-Stream

The new post-COVID-19 European Neighbourhood Policy: What is the EU support for Morocco in the health insurance reform?

This event allows an in-depth discussion of the reforms of the post-COVID-19 social protection system, and particularly the health insurance component within the framework of Morocco-EU cooperation.


22 Sep 2021

Med Dialogues +2030. On the Road to the COP26 in Glasgow: Climate Diplomacy in the Mediterranean 

On the road to the COP26, this dialogue aims at discussing climate action and diplomacy in the Mediterranean as crucial tools to set strategies for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.


04 Nov 2021
05 Nov 2021

Communicating the Mediterranean with a Gender Perspective

With the aim of promoting the circulation of knowledge and strengthening trans-Mediterranean exchange, the network seeks to give visibility to silenced realities, to advocate for press freedom and to contribute to transforming imaginaries from a femi...