Aula Mediterrània

Aula Mediterrània is an interuniversity programme that supports academic research and the dissemination of scientific knowledge about the Euro-Mediterranean region in various disciplines of the social sciences. In collaboration with over ten university master's degree programmes, Aula Mediterrània holds a series of lectures during the academic year that is complemented by an annual interdisciplinary research seminar, a contest that rewards the best master's degree final projects on Mediterranean issues, and by other cultural activities such as a film series and debates with invited social actors from the Euro-Mediterranean region. The main recipients of the programme are students, young researchers, teachers and the general public and it is attended by academic personalities from around the world.

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Educating in Diversity

In a context in which our societies are increasingly diverse, rich and complex, the programme "Educating in Diversity” strives to promote the growth and personal development of individuals and contribute to the achievement of resilient and sustainable democratic societies. Mediterranean cities are intercultural and knowledge, values and attitudes must be strengthened so that diversity is experienced as one of the riches of humanity.

"Educating in Diversity” integrates initiatives that promote the role of intercultural education as a tool to strengthen coexistence and social cohesion. The fight against stereotypes, racism and xenophobia through workshops and creative or artistic educational practices help highlight cultural wealth, while participating in building a critical and responsible citizenship.

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Recognising that the Mediterranean region faces acute challenges that threaten the sustainability of its social and economic development, especially climate change and environmental degradation, the programme seeks to increase awareness and understanding of these challenges among regional stakeholders, providing spaces to discuss initiatives, actions and public policies that accelerate sustainability transitions in the region.

Adopting the UN 2030 Agenda as the framework for action, Agenda2030Med fosters research and dialogue on the key priorities of the Euro-Mediterranean development agenda to advocate concrete and innovative solutions for a sustainable future.

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Prevention of Polarisation and Violent Extremism

Preventing violent extremism is a long-term social investment that needs to look beyond security concerns. Through research and complementary activities, involving youth, women and local actors, the programme seeks to understand which factors lead to social polarisation and radicalisation and how they interrelate with each other. This is crucial to identify the most vulnerable contexts to violent extremism and design comprehensive prevention mechanisms. Ultimately, the programme helps to build inclusive and resilient societies with the meaningful and committed participation of youth.

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Media, Democracy and Diversity

Media in the broadest sense is one of the main frontlines where the cohesion and strength of democratic societies and processes is at stake. Nevertheless, the traditional role of the media in providing citizens with truthful and objective information is under threat due to the numerous old and new challenges faced in the Middle East, Maghreb and Europe. This programme stimulates the initiatives, which aim to increase awareness and knowledge of communication professionals of those threats, as well as to increase skills and capacities of this and other groups impacted, to recognise, report and respond to those challenges. The programme does so through several activities, including research, peer-to-peer exchanges, capacity-enhancing activities, local advocacy actions, as well as workshops and conferences.

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Euromed Young Researchers Lab

For too long, Euro-Mediterranean studies have been at pains to renew themselves and attract a new generation of researchers, while young researchers in the Euro-Mediterranean region, amid difficult social, economic and political circumstances, have struggled to find opportunities and a chance to contribute to policy debates. The Euromed Young Researchers Lab squares the circle. On the one hand, it offers a unique platform to mainstream issues related to Euro-Mediterranean relations among young researchers and bring new and less conventional perspectives; on the other, it creates new opportunities for them, boosts their careers and empowers them in their respective organisations and beyond.

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A Sea of Words. The Voice of Youths

This programme creates spaces for intercultural encounters between young people in order to promote exchanges of experiences and ideas between peers, identify shared values in the region and transcend those stereotypes that tear us apart. The programme includes the youth contest "A Sea of Words", organised with the support of the Anna Lindh Foundation, which, through writing, encourages the exchange between young people of views on the political, cultural, environmental and social challenges facing countries of the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean and the European Union.

In parallel to the contest, there are also regular debates that give young people the opportunity to address burning issues in the Euro-Mediterranean area.

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Human Development & Regional Integration

Human development and regional integration are key to making the Mediterranean an area of peace, stability and shared prosperity. While trends towards more fragmentation have been gaining ground over the last decades, it is crucial to continue building bridges and cohesion across both shores of the Mediterranean by focusing on complementarities and commonalities. It is the condition that will enable the Mediterranean countries to meet common challenges of today and tomorrow.

Building on the spirit of the Barcelona and Paris Declarations of 1995 and 2008, this programme supports and accompanies initiatives that contribute to greater regional cooperation and to the advancement of the human development agenda by creating spaces for dialogue and partnerships, fostering research and disseminating knowledge on key issues and implementing cooperation projects that contribute to providing opportunities for decent and full lives.

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Creative Mediterranean

The programme encourages and highlights cultural and artistic expressions that show the legacy, cultural heritage and evolution of current Mediterranean identities, to reveal the Mediterranean as a space for dialogue, exchange and cooperation. Through concerts, exhibitions and debates, we are invited to reflect on the diversity of our region and see how Mediterranean creativity is influenced by tradition and innovation, as well as the exchange of ideas and feelings between people from different backgrounds.

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Mediterranean Traineeship Programme

The program aims to empower, monitor, and develop future generations of leaders to promote social change, innovation, dialogue, and the positive engagement of communities from the Euro-Mediterranean region. The mission of this program is to foster young people skills and abilities to encourage their comprehension of trends and challenges in the region, sustained on a basis of mutual trust culture, tolerance, understanding and respect.

The multicultural and professional environment underpins a successful learning process that has two pillars: the application of knowledge that young people have from their own academical journey and, also notably, the provision of practical skills and experience within an organization that works on Euro-Mediterranean relations.

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