Euromed Young Researchers Lab

We connect and empower a thriving community of young researchers, and thereby help boost an innovative research agenda on Euromed affairs 

The Euromed Young Researchers Lab is a unique opportunity for young researchers and high-level students, younger than 36 years old, enrolled at least on a master’s programme and working on issues related to Euro-Mediterranean relations and policies. By offering several opportunities, this programme helps young professionals to boost their skills and gain recognition and visibility. 

Members of the Lab get a chance to publish their work and be remunerated. The publications go through high-standard review and editing processes and are disseminated through robust and broad paper and online channels.   

The Lab also includes a comprehensive set of tailored activities which offer young researchers a possibility to improve their skills, connect and network with their peers from both shores of the Mediterranean. Each year, a selected group of them meet in a city of the Euro-Mediterranean region to discuss specific issues of Euro-Mediterranean relations and exchange ideas about how a new generation of researchers can contribute to policy debates, with other relevant stakeholders, including policy-makers. 

The Lab is also a springboard for young professionals to gain further exposure in broader circles and participate in other activities, including in the framework of the EuroMeSCo network or other initiatives coordinated by the IEMed, thereby connecting with an even larger community of stakeholders and contributing to the debates.  

On a more permanent basis, enrolled young researchers get access to dedicated social networks. Thus, they get a chance to network with their peers and gain access to useful resources for their work, including information on research developments such as conferences and publications as well as policy developments. Furthermore, the programme offers a wide range of useful information on calls, PhD positions, trainings, job openings and other professional opportunities. Lab members may also use those networks to communicate about their own publications and professional achievements.  

All in all, the Lab empowers young professionals and especially young female researchers in their respective organisations and way beyond. Thus, it creates a unique opportunity to stakeholders on the receiving end to benefit from fresh and innovative research, in tune with concerns and perspectives of a group that is a key target of Euro-Mediterranean policies and who will determine the future of Euro-Mediterranean relations.