Human Security And Co-Development: Prospects For New Generations

5 December 2016. From 09:00 | Workshop | French | English | Tunis
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The last five years have shown that the Mediterranean region is more dynamic than ever. The political and economic changes experienced by the countries of the basin demonstrated the need for a constant adaptation on the path to shared prosperity and mutual understanding between societies.

Therefore, the key to success lies in the improvement of the mechanisms of dialogue and cooperation between all actors. In order to contribute to the interests and values shared by the countries of the Dialogue 5+5, the Med Think 5+5 network has the main objective of fostering and encouraging inclusive processes of study and dissemination of the causes and the solutions to the main challenges in the Western Mediterranean by bringing together representatives of governments, academics, research institutes, and civil society.

In this context, this workshop, the first of MedThink 5 + 5, is an excellent opportunity to share knowledge and ideas, while encouraging better cooperation by bringing together leading experts to discuss human security, the perspectives for new generations and the viability of moving towards a co-development agenda.

The first session of the meeting is dedicated to the analysis of the concepts of co-development and human security and the possibility for actors in the Western Mediterranean region to strengthen research on better ways of cooperation.

The workshop also serves both to address the causes of youth unemployment in the countries of the Western Mediterranean and to outline possible solutions and consider possible complementarities in this regional framework.

Among the conclusions of the final report of the meeting is that human security challenges in the region will have to be addressed with more effective and inclusive projects, which will allow progress in social and economic integration.



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