From Crisis to Recovery in the Western Mediterranean: Challenges and Opportunities on the Road to a Post-COVID-19 Sustainable Growth

11 November 2020. From 15:00 | Workshop | English | Online
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This webinar of the Medthink 5+5 network of Western Mediterranean think tanks aims at analysing the economic situation generated by the COVID-19 crisis in the countries of the region. The prospects of economic recovery considering the plans unveiled by the different Western Mediterranean countries to return to a path of economic growth and employment are debated in this webinar. Organised by the IEMed and the Policy Center for the New South in the framework of the MedThink 5+5 network of Western Mediterranean think tanks.

Experts from the MedThink 5+5 network are invited to develop their analysis around the following questions:

  • Do the recovery plans announced by the countries of the region respond to a conjectural situation rather than illustrating a real appetite for reforms? Are they likely to lead to a transition towards a more sustainable and inclusive growth? Are their main measures in line with their declared ambitions and adapted to the situation?
  • To which extent the recovery plans could lead to a major shift in their economic orientations? Are they likely to help the countries of the region get away from their dependence on certain industries such as tourism or the energy through a more diversified economy?
  • How to finance the economic recovery?
  • Considering the youth and low-skilled workers as the most affected by unemployment, what place should they have in the recovery?
  • How to overcome the main obstacles to the economic recovery (e.g. uncertainties due to the COVID-19, corruption and poor governance, poor business climate, political instability, weak public finances)?
  • What are the trade and investment opportunities of the Post-COVID-19 era that the countries of the region should seize?
  • Finally, how can the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation and specifically the 5+5 Dialogue provide concrete solutions to meet the challenges of the Post-COVID-19 economic recovery and contribute to achieve a more sustainable growth?