Fashion Showcases. Democratization of Luxury and New Consumption Spaces in Pre-industrial Valencia

15 December 2022. From 18:30 | Conference | Catalan | IEMed
slideshow image Luigi Mussini via Wikimedia Commons

The desire for ostentation and distinction through luxury and fashion have been part of human societies almost since their origin, nevertheless, when did this attitude become democratic? This question is at the root of the emergence of consumer societies, of which we are all a part, whether we want to be or not. The democratisation of luxury was a reality in Europe even before the Industrial Revolution, generating profound economic, social and cultural changes that even altered the urban morphology, not only of the great capitals, such as Paris and London but also of Mediterranean cities such as Valencia.

Daniel Muñoz Navarro is professor in the department of Modern History at University of  Valencia. He obtained the Extraordinary Award for a bachelor’s degree and a doctorate (2005 and 2012) from this university. He has been a postdoctoral researcher at the Scuola di Studi Storici of the Università degli Studi della Repubblica di San Marino and a Juan de la Cierva-Incorporación researcher at the University of Valencia. His research interests and publications are mainly focused on trade relations, manufacturing production and economic and social transformations in the Kingdom of Valencia during the Modern Age. Among his recent publications are: La reproducción de los maestros y la transformación de las condiciones sociales de los miembros del Colegio de Arte Mayor de la Seda de Valencia en el siglo XVIII (Revista de Historia Industrial, 2016), with Ricardo Franch Benavent and Luis M. Rosado Catalayud; “Per camins inussitats i sendes molt apartades. Contrabando de seda valenciana hacia Castilla durante la segunda mitad del siglo XVI”(Revista de Historia Moderna: Anales de la Universidad de Alicante, 2015) and Comprar, vender y consumir. Nuevas aportaciones a la historia del consumo en la España moderna (Universidad de València, 2011).

Conference moderated by Jaume Dantí i Riu, full professor of Modern History, UB. Co-organised by the IEMed as part of the Aula Mediterrània 2022-23 programme in collaboration with the Master’s in History and Identities in the Western Mediterranean (15th–19th Centuries), UB/UA/UV/Universitat Jaume I.

This conference takes place at the IEMed conference room, Girona, 20 – Barcelona and it can also be followed on IEMed Youtube Channel.



Daniel Muñoz Navarro

Professor, Department of Modern and Contemporary History Universitat de València

Jaume Dantí i Riu

Full Professor of Modern History Universitat de Barcelona

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