Berber Parents, Amazigh Children

30 October 2014. From 18:30 | Workshop | Spanish | IEMed, Barcelona

Whether or not what we call Amazigh today are those whom the Arabs called “barbarian” is a question that would lead us to a long debate in which the history of North Africa and the identity of its inhabitants should be combined.

For a long time, the claim that it was a Berber who spoke a Berber has been considered valid. Recently, we have witnessed a fundamental change: in 2011 Morocco declared Amazigh as the co-official language of the country along with Arabic, leaving behind the Berbers of yesterday and to make way for the Amazighs of today.

Helena de Felipe, professor at the University of Alcalá, gives the lecture “Berber parents, Amazigh children”, in a new session of the cycle “Interpreting the Mediterranean today”.”Interpreting the Mediterranean today” is a series of conferences to understand and reflect on the Mediterranean region. Prestigious local and international academics and experts will address issues of history, international relations, interculturality, migration, literature, language, politics and social challenges, always linked to the Mediterranean. It is an initiative of the IEMed with eleven university master’s programs dedicated to studying the Mediterranean area.



Mònica Rius

Professor Universitat de Barcelona
Helena de Felipe

Helena de Felipe

Professor Universidad de Alcalá