XIX Meeting of the Spanish Network of The Anna Lindh Foundation

20 February 2019- 21 February 2019 | Conference | Spanish | Centre Cultural La Nau, València
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The entities grouped in the Spanish Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation (ReFAL), coordinated by the IEMed, meet to take stock of the current course, and present new ideas and projects for next year that give continuity to the work carried out from the network in areas such as development cooperation, intercultural dialogue, gender equality or education in the Mediterranean.
The presentation of the “ReFAL 2018 Balance and 2019 Networking” brings together Fatma Kotkat, Head of Communication and Programs and Network Management Support at the Anna Lindh Foundation, and Josep Ferré, Acting General Director of the IEMed , presented by Antonio Ariño, Vice-rector for Culture and Equality of the University of Valencia. Not only the reality of the current Mediterranean context and the news about the FAL programming are exposed, but also, the need to continue reinforcing issues such as inclusion, interaction, combating hate speech, and ultimately continuing to reinforce the work that ReFAL members carry out tirelessly.
Within the framework of the meeting, there are also training workshops on how EU decisions work, on the main actors in the decision-making process of the European Union and on the bases for knowing how and when to influence Europe.


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