Narratives, Media And Social Change In Syria, Lebanon And Palestine

30 November 2016. From 18:30 | Conference | IEMed, Barcelona
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Led by Dina Matar, a professor of Arab Media and Political Communication – Center for Media Studies, SOAS, London. Presented by the speaker, Ricardo Carniel Bugs, professor of Journalism, UAB, and associate academic coordinator of the master’s degree at the UAB.  

Dina Matar explains the narratives that prevail in the West about what is happening in the Middle East, focusing mainly on the elements that determine the narratives of conflict and activism in Palestine, but also dealing with those of Syria and Lebanon. It is important to analyze the narrative of a conflict as it tends to encourage a specific perspective.

In the case of Palestine, Israel has been able to impose its view of the facts as well as determine the narrative around the figure of the Palestinians for more than 60 years. As for Syria, the dominant narrative of the conflict marginalizes or silences any daily activity of Syrians, which can also have a significance of mobilization and political activism.   What can we learn from narrative approaches to activism in Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine?



Ricardo Carniel Bugs

Professor Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Dina Matar

Professor Centre for Media Studies, SOAS



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