II Conference on Culture and Religions in the Mediterranean

6 July 2018. From 10:00 | Workshop | Catalan | Monestir de Montserrat
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The Mediterranean area has had a social structure since antiquity, especially since late antiquity, in which dialogue between the majority population and minorities is the order of the day. 

This dialogic situation presents several forms. On the one hand, very often, the population that is in a place in the majority is, at the same time, a minority in other parts of the Mediterranean. Other populations, on the other hand, represent a minority scattered throughout the Mediterranean area, without being a majority anywhere. Historically, there have also been cases of dominant minorities over majorities in many of the political units that have taken place on the Mediterranean coast over the centuries. Finally, beyond these situations, it is no less true that the population of the entire Mediterranean can easily be recognized in some identity traits that transcend religious, linguistic or cultural divisions, so that any Mediterranean person can easily feel at home anywhere in the Mediterranean without great difficulty.

The Abbey of Montserrat and the IEMed dedicate the second edition of the Study Days on Culture and Religions in the Mediterranean to the coexistence between majorities and minorities in the Mediterranean area. Based on the study of history, the workshop aims to analyze the current situation, identify progress, shortcomings, and offer ways and measures that can allow peaceful coexistence. The study day has two main sessions “Minorities and majorities throughout history” and “Minorities in the current Mediterranean”.