How to Establish a Bridge of Dialogue over the Straits?

15 April 2011- 17 April 2011 | Conference | Spanish | Tanger

The Spanish and Moroccan networks of the Anna Lindh Foundation (FAL) lay the foundations for a joint work program to promote intercultural dialogue. The discussion on this work program takes place at the seminar “Building bridges of dialogue on the Straits”, which is attended by about eighty representatives of civil society organizations from both countries.

This is the first time that two Foundation networks belonging to the north and south of the Mediterranean have expressed their willingness to work in a coordinated manner in defining a strategy and program of action in the field of intercultural dialogue.

During the meeting, the joint work program is defined, which is structured in the four areas of action of the FAL: culture and creativity; intercultural education and learning; regionalization, citizenship and public space, and immigration, media and public opinion.

Among the agreed proposals are the creation of an area of free cultural change, which will finally end the problems of South-North mobility suffered by cultural operators; the fight against the stereotypes of a large part of the Spanish population towards the Arab and Muslim world, especially Morocco, through coordinated work with primary and secondary schools; the promotion of cooperation and agreement between the organizations of both networks and the local and regional administration, especially in this time of political decentralization that Morocco is currently experiencing, and the organization of a cycle of meetings and debates between organizations of the two networks and media managers likely to create opinion and fight stereotypes.

The seminar also discusses the FAL’s new strategy for the period 2012-2014, which takes into account the democratizing movements that are currently shaking the southern Mediterranean.

The FAL aims to revitalize Euro-Mediterranean cooperation and respond to the demands of Euro-Mediterranean civil society with recent initiatives such as “Believing in dialogue, acting for citizenship”.