Forests Under Stress: Prospects for Nature Protection and Regeneration

22 November 2023. From 18:00  To 19:30 | Conference | English | French | CaixaForum Macaya, Barcelona
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Mediterranean forests are home to incredible biodiversity. They are not only a source of life, but they also provide critical resources to human livelihoods while playing a crucial role as carbon sinks. Increasing heatwaves and wildfires, coupled with less yearly precipitations, are all endangering this invaluable natural heritage. What solutions exist to ensure adaptation and regeneration of these vital ecosystems?

Considering current climate conditions, forests are expected to dramatically change in the next years. From the replenishment of some tree species to the disappearance of current ones, this is set to have spillover effects on biodiversity and human activities. As we confront the challenges faced by Mediterranean forests, it is essential to identify effective strategies for nature protection and regeneration. This session will examine the existing solutions and innovative approaches aimed at enhancing forests’ resilience and adaptation to climate change.

By discussing successful conservation practices and scientific research, we aim to gain valuable insights into the means of addressing the threats posed by rising temperatures, water scarcity, and increasing wildfire episodes, as well as explore ways to preserve the biodiversity, ecological functions, and cultural significance of Mediterranean forests. Amidst the climate conditions, questions arise about the future appearance of our forests. How will these landscapes evolve? What transformations can we expect?

By contemplating the prospects for nature protection and restoration in Mediterranean adaptation, we strive to foster a deeper understanding of the actions required to safeguard the health and sustainability of our forests. Building on research, science, and current practices, this dialogue also aims to discuss practices of conservation and valorisation of Mediterranean cultural and natural heritages, as well as Mediterranean forest resilience.

This session of the Med Dialogues 2030 series takes place at the CaixaForum Macaya, Pg. de Sant Joan, 108, Barcelona. Free entrance with prior registration.



Michele Bozzano

Head Mediterranean Facility of the European Forest Institute (EFI)

Jordi Vayreda Duran

Researcher Restoration, conservation, and resilience CO2 Project, CREAF

Patricia Carbonell

Head of the Barcelona Office REVOLVE

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