New Perspectives on the Genesis of Gypsy History

Sarah Carmona

Doctor of History, University Pasquale-Paoli, Corsica

Scientific studies and historical research have confirmed that, due to idiomatic and cultural similarities between Gypsies and Indians, the Gypsy people come from India. However, after centuries of experiences in other areas and the consequent modification of their linguistic, cultural and genetic background, at present proto-Gypsies are citizens of the countries where they live. The history of the Gypsy people is chronologically divided into four main stages: teljaripe, “the beginning”, shows the historical process that consolidated the proto-Romani language; nakhipe, “the march”, describes the creation of Gypsy ethnicity after their experiences in Asia and Asia Minor; aresipe marks “the arrival” in Europe; and, finally, buxjaripe, “the deployment”, consists of the expansion and settlement of the Gypsy people throughout Europe.

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