Interview with Hamma Hanachi. A Neo-Romantic in the Era of the Virtual

Maria Elena Morató

Journalist and art critic

A journalist and writer with the soul of a poet, Hamma Hanachi is part of that generation of intellectuals who began their professional career in the 1970s, when Tunisia was experiencing a cultural expansion driven by Bourguiba’s openness that looked towards the West and, at the same time, still honoured its own roots. The crossroads of cultures that the small North African country has historically been, that Ifriqiya that gave its name to an entire continent, made poetics (literary, theatrical, musical and artistic) the starting point for a consolidation of what characterises this country, of the personality that proudly brought together its different pasts to project them towards a future that sought to be at the forefront, in a Mediterranean space that was bringing its shores closer as the culture between them became more interactive… out of respect.

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