Beneath the Pixels

Maroun T. Ayli


In the heart of Beirut, the city of resilience and rebirth, nestled among its ancient structures and modern skyscrapers, Artour, Peter and Ali found their dreams interweaving over cups of dark Arabic coffee. The atmosphere in the coffee shop was an intoxicating blend of leisure and energy, reflecting the vibrant spirit of the Lebanese capital. Each sip of the strong brew was akin to a silent toast to their shared dreams and the adventure that lay ahead. Artour, Peter and Ali were not ordinary friends. They were companions of a shared past, their bonds strengthened over years of shared memories and experiences. Their roots traced back to the same neighborhood, the same school, and the same dreamy summer vacations. Now, they found themselves at the cusp of adulthood, their ambitions burning bright and untamed. The trio was diverse in their talents and interests but united in their entrepreneurial spirit. Artour, the visionary, was the brain behind the innovative ideas. Peter, the pragmatic one, brought a sense of balance and realism to their plans. Ali, the tech genius, transformed their ideas into a digital reality. Together, they made a formidable team, ready to take on the world of startups.

(Click on the link to read the full story, awarded with the 2nd prize of the A Sea of Words 2023 edition)