Interview with Mizgin Mujde Arslan, Filmmaker

Sergi Doladé

Director of the International Association of Independent Producers of the Mediterranean (APIMED)

Along with the rising number of Kurdish short films, the production of feature and documentary films is also increasing, providing diverse visual and aesthetic aspects that shape the distinctive framework for Kurdish cinema. In this respect, Mizgin M. Arslan’s personal approach to cinema can be described as a compilation of various stylistic characteristics of Kurdish cinema. Having worked as a journalist for six consecutive years, she began to shoot short films and documentaries, mainly focused on women, immigrants and cultural issues. Her first short film The Last Game (2006) was much celebrated, as was her first documentary, A Fatal Dress Polygamy (2009), which was broadcasted on a mainstream channel in Turkey and hit over 1.7 million views on YouTube. Her first feature documentary, I Flew, You Stayed (2012), has won several awards, including the Turkish Association of Film Critics, Documentary of the Year (2013), Best Documentary Award at Amed Film Festival, and Mirella Galetti Award in Italy. Another short film, Houses with Small Windows, which she co-wrote and acted in, was selected for the Official Competition at the Venice Film Festival (2013) and won the European Short Film Award, alongside many other prizes. At present, Mizgin is developing a new documentary project in the framework of the Close Up Initiative, a training, development and mentorship program for documentary filmmakers from Southwest Asia and North Africa.

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