Rethinking Transnationalism With Collective Remittances

2 November 2016. From 18:30 | Workshop | English | IEMed, Barcelona
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The transnational action of groups of foreigners for the benefit of the peoples of origin is an example of transnational practices. This research is based on a comparative study of three groups of immigrants: Algerians and Moroccan Berbers in France and Indian Punjabis in the United Kingdom and sheds new light on transnational dynamics, proposing a new approach to the study of transnationalism. In particular, it focuses on the temporality of transnational practices and how they intertwine with social transformation in areas of origin, as well as with integration into reception contexts.

However, the academic literature has so far focused on transnational groups of migrants and their practices, without taking into account a wider range of actors who are also key in this field: migrants, non-migrants, actors of civil society, international organizations, local authorities and ministry representatives, etc.

Thomas Lacroix, PhD in geography and political science from the University of Poitiers. He is a research member of the MIGRINTER research laboratory (CNRS – U. De Poitiers), specialized in the study of international migrations and inter-ethnic relations. His field of research covers the migration-development relationship, theories of migration and transnationalism, diaspora memory, ethnic trade, and associative and family transnationalism. He is also an associate researcher at IMI (International Migration Institute – U. Oxford), deputy coordinator of the journal Migration Studies and co-director of the master’s degree in International Migration and Society (U. de Poitiers).



Alisa Petroff

Researcher UAB

Thomas Lacroix

Researcher Université de Poitiers



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