Mediterranean Cities: Civilization and Development

16 November 2011- 18 November 2011 | Workshop | Catalan | IEC, Barcelona

The Institut d’Estudis Catalans (IEC) and the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed) have scheduled, under the auspices of the International Academic Union and the collaboration of its member academies, an international seminar with the aim of to delve into the role that cities have played in the Mediterranean world as decisive nuclei of civilization throughout history. The seminar aims to analyze their process of change from antiquity to the twentieth century on both sides (European and African) and the two shores (Western and Eastern).

From a global perspective that helps to meet the challenges facing the area today — recent social and political events that have taken place and are still ongoing in North Africa and the Middle East are examples. It aims to provide a rigorously scientific view of the historical evolution of Mediterranean cities with the conviction that, at any given time, the academic world must be involved in the critical analysis of contemporary reality. Analyzing the causes and assessing the consequences is a task that the Academy cannot avoid. The proposal of a weighted reflection, with a long chronological scope, on the civilizing, pacifying and innovative role played by cities in the Mediterranean world is not only opportune but even necessary.