How to Consolidate Living Labs in The Region to Promote Innovative Skills

3 July 2017- 4 July 2017 | Workshop | English | Istanbul
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The Mediterranean region witnessed in recent years the development of new patterns of innovation, based on the use of new technologies by citizens, especially youth. These new dynamic initiatives are changing the way innovation is perceived, experienced and promoted, allowing its spread among new segments of society. Open living labs, fablabs, media labs, and alike are increasingly opening new spaces of bottom-up innovation in Mediterranean. It is now understood as a political priority for the European Commission, reinforced by existing programmes such as Horizon 2020. In this sense, many of the great challenges that need to be faced (unemployment, upgrading skills, gender equality or social tensions) can be tackled with a new culture of decentralized cooperative innovation, driven by the citizens themselves.

As a natural step forward of the first workshop titled “Citizen-driven innovation systems in the Mediterranean”, celebrated in Barcelona last 17 and 18 of November 2016, this second international working group is organised by the European Institute of the Mediterranean, the European Network of Living Labs and with the collaboration of the Basaksehir Living Lab.It is an excellent opportunity to share knowledge, ideas and experiences from emerging innovation initiatives that target some of the main regional challenges, led by youth and new technologies. The meeting also aims at fostering cooperation by associating leading experts to discuss about innovation and the challenges linked to its evolution in the region.




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