Transitions in the Arab World. Political and Social Actors in the Transition Processes

11 February 2014. From 18:30 | Workshop | Catalan | IEMed, Barcelona

Three years after the outbreak of the so-called “Arab Spring” riots, one wonders what has changed and whether it has been worth it. Especially if one looks at the war in Syria or the involution in freedoms that Egypt is suffering.

This session aims to provide a comparative view of the role that the social sectors that mobilized during the 2011 uprisings are playing in the complex ongoing transition processes and of the capacity of the different political parties to offer satisfactory answers to the expectations of the political activism of young people, women and minorities regarding guarantees of rights and freedoms and socio – economic improvements.

According to Lurdes Vidal, head of the Arab World and Mediterranean area of the IEMed, “there is a profound change that began then and is still in process: the change in the mentality of some societies that now feel empowered to express their opinion and decide their future.”


Lurdes Vidal

Lurdes Vidal

Editor Afkar/Ideas
Jordi Bertran

Jordi Bertran



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