Present and Prospects of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

13 April 2016. From 18:30 | Conference | Catalan | IEMed, Barcelona
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Since the proclamation of the State of Israel in 1948, the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians – also between Israelis and Arab countries – has gone through many phases: wars, two intifadas (Palestinian uprisings), different negotiations in a process of peace that began in 1991 and has had more low than high moments.

However, from last October on, we have been in a phase that many media outlets have called a “new wave of violence,” although violence is ongoing in Israel and Palestine, though it is at an increasing stage.

“We are not facing a new Palestinian intifada but a series of attacks by lone wolves.” Ana Alba, correspondent in Jerusalem for El Periódico de Catalunya, talks about the current situation and future prospects of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, referring to the new wave of violence that has settled since October 2015 with the death of 28 Israelis (the result of stabbings, shootings or run-overs) and 191 Palestinians (130 of whom would be assailants, according to Israel).

According to the journalist, this new resurgence of violence “is the result of the disappointment of the Palestinian people in the face of an advancing occupation that distances the possible solution of two states or the resumption of the peace process.”



Xavier Giró

Director Observatori de Cobertura de Conflictes

Ana Alba

Correspondent El Periódico