“A Sea Of Words 2017” Awards Ceremony

17 October 2017. From 19:30 | Cultural activity | English | Barcelona
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The literary competition “A sea of words”, convened by the IEMed and the Anna Lindh Foundation, reaches its 10th edition this year 2017. On the occasion of this anniversary, the theme chosen in this edition aims to give prominence to Euro-Mediterranean young people, to whom the competition has been addressed since 2008, with the motto “Youth, stereotypes and radicalization” in order to share their experiences around how they see themselves and how they are perceived within the society in which they live.

In the south and east of the Mediterranean, since the Arab Spring, young people have gained more prominence in the media. And everywhere, in the north or south of the Mediterranean, the economic situation marginalizes young people. The world of young people is seen through stereotypes and dualism: either as innovative and more educated people than ever before, or as people who are easily manipulated through social media.

In the course of the ceremony, the first three selected for 2017 are announced, namely Omar Hussein Al Othman, Salim Bouazzati and Giulio Pitroso who made it through among a total of 225 stories in which young authors reflect on how they fit or how they revolt in a society that often classifies them with stereotypes.


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