From Social Networks to the Public and Natural Space

9 December 2020. From 16:00 | Webinar | Catalan | Online
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Within the framework of the Virtual Forum “Youth and Mediterranean 2020”, organized by the Generalitat de Catalunya in the framework of events to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Barcelona Process, the IEMed organizes a dialogue to address how young activists of the Mediterranean use the new forms of communication offered by the network to combat global warming.

“From social networks to the public and natural space” aims to understand the different forms of mobilization of young people in the Mediterranean through various questions:

  • How does the environmental activism of the network turn into concrete action?
  • What is the relationship between online activism and street activism in Mediterranean societies and communities?
  • How to raise awareness and mobilize the population and make them participate in climate actions?
  • How have online tools become essential tools for creating a global movement?

In this sense, it is young people from Algeria, Lebanon, Tunisia, Egypt and Spain who work in climate action campaigns in their countries and communities, who explain first hand the challenges of the Mediterranean, imagining new solutions for move towards more sustainable and inclusive development in the region.