Exhibition “The Biblical Scholar’s Viewpoint. Moments of Eternity”

11 May 2023- 27 August 2023 | Cultural activity | Spanish | Catalan | English | El Seminari Centre Tarraconense
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The photographs that the biblical scholar and orientalist Bonaventura Ubach (1879-1960) took in the Middle East, especially in Palestine during the first decades of the 20th century, make up the exhibition “The Biblical Scholar’s Viewpoint. Moments of Eternity”.

The exhibition, organized by the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed) and the Seminari Centre Tarraconense, offers a selection of 86 images, the best and most representative of the more than 6,000 that Ubach made during 40 years of travel in the Middle East. Some images with which Ubach sought to portray a biblical world that was already in the process of disappearing in order to be able to illustrate the Great Bible of Montserrat, an ambitious project to translate the Gospels into Catalan that he directed.

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slideshow image Bedouin women at the entrance to the cave where they lived (1926)
slideshow image Catholic priest shopping in the Bethlehem market
slideshow image Arabic Bakery, possibly in Jerusalem (1928)
slideshow image Shepherds drawing water from the well of Tell el-Milkh, Negev Desert, Palestine.
slideshow image Sheikh of the Yazidis, accompanied by a group of authorities, Iraq (1923)
slideshow image Shia cleric writing a talisman for pilgrims, Baghdad (1922)
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