Europe, Migrations and the Mediterranean

2 July 2018- 4 July 2018 | Conference | English | Barcelona
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The IEMed coordinates one of the seminars of the international congress IMISCOE, the main European network of researchers on migration, which analyzes the feasibility of a multilateral governance of migration in the Euro-Mediterranean region.
The congress promotes a dialogue between academics and policy makers and opens a forum for methodological discussions that will unite Mediterranean and migration studies. Under the title “Multilateral governance of migration in the Euro-Mediterranean region. Is it possible? ”, The seminar organized by the IEMed and coordinated by Xavier Aragall, migration expert of the IEMed, wants to identify ways to promote multilateral governance, understood as collaboration between the EU, European countries and the southern and eastern Mediterranean, as well as international and regional organizations.
The IMISCOE congress – organized in Barcelona in collaboration with Pompeu Fabra University – addresses issues such as transnationalism, diversity, solidarity, the diaspora and co-development in other sessions. In addition to the seminar, the IEMed also collaborates in the closing of the event with the organization of a concert by the Catalan-Algerian singer Yacine Belahcene.