BEYOND NETWORKS, MILITIAS, AND TRIBES: Rethinking the EU’s Counter-Smuggling Policy and Response

18 May 2021. From 15:00  To 16:30 | Webinar | English | Online
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Countering migrant smuggling is a cornerstone of the European Union’s migration and border control policy. Under the New Pact on Migration and Asylum, the EU has proposed to promote tailor-made and mutually beneficial partnerships with third countries specifically to address the smuggling of migrants. Likewise, the upcoming EU action plan against migrant smuggling (2021–2025) foresees stronger cooperation with third countries, following a “whole-of-route” approach. This public debate weighs the future of EU counter-smuggling policies against evidence and data on the realities of smuggling in North Africa and the Sahel. 

The event presents the results of the EuroMeSCo Policy Study “Beyond Networks, Militias, and Tribes: Rethinking EU Counter-Smuggling Policy and Response” carried out in the framework of the EuroMeSCo: Connecting the Dots project, co-funded by the EU and the IEMed. The project contributes to inclusive and evidence-based policymaking by fostering research and recommendations in relation with the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) South priorities, with focus on economic development, migration, and security. The project aims to connect the dots among diverse stakeholders as well as among the EU, its Southern Neighbours, and the wider region. It develops a wide range of research, dialogue, and dissemination activities.

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Gabriella Sanchez

Research Fellow MPC, European University Institute

Alia Fakhry

Associate Researcher DGAP

Sanna Kuukka

Head of Sector DG HOME, European Commission

Marzia Rango

Coordinator GMDAC

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