An Interdisciplinary Look at Migrations in The Mediterranean

3 February 2016. From 18:30 | Conference | English | IEMed, Barcelona
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If we Google “Migration in the Mediterranean” the first ten results are as follows: security, a boat full of migrants, the numbers of illegal migrants detected, a map of “the encampments” in Europa and around the Mediterranean Sea, a map of African and Mediterranean Irregular Migration Routes … and so on.

Although migration to the Mediterranean has been part of the public debate for years, never before have the problems of border control, human trafficking and irregular immigration in the region called for solutions so urgently and so widely.

“In the face of unstoppable flows, the need to take appropriate measures at the regional level in the political, social and security spheres is essential to ensure coexistence.” So, in defining these measures, the interdisciplinary study of migration can make a significant contribution.

The situation must be tackled as migration to Europe will not stop. “The countries of the northern shore of the Mediterranean now host more than a quarter of global immigrants and this is a trend that will increase as the countries of the southern shore of the Mediterranean face growing socio-economic difficulties as migration flows increase from sub-Saharan Africa ”.



Lorenzo Gabrielli

Researcher GRITIM-UPF

Elena Ambrosetti

Researcher Università la Sapienza di Roma



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