Duration: 2008-2011

Budget: €2,000,000. Executed by the IEMed: €218,000.

This project focuses on enhancing the governance of key problems of the Mediterranean Area involving regional governments. Most major Mediterranean issues need to be faced in a global way and can be solved exclusively through a large-scale comprehensive approach, involving all levels of government. Environmental matters as issues related to agriculture, transportation, innovation, sustainable development and migration can only be tackled successfully if dealt with in the international context and with a strong vertical and horizontal cooperation. At present, there is a clear gap between the level of Mediterranean Governance on the one hand and the nature of the problems. 

The project develops a network of research institutes, regions, key institutional and non-institutional subjects, which are able to support the development of Mediterranean Governance with regard to key issues of sustainable development.

The general aim of the project is the establishment of an interregional governance model at an inter-Med level able to better integrate the different institutional and political levels in order to develop more effective and coherent policies capable to obtain shared objectives.

The projects specific objectives are:

  • Paving the way for a renewed interregional governance model at an inter-Mediterranean level 
  • Creating a space of information, debate and confrontation though promotion of the transfer, in the Mediterranean Area, of relevant governance experiences of other areas; establishing of a permanent political and communicative event of confrontation at a global level; as well as creating a portal on governance systems in the Med Area.


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