Immigration to the EU and the labor market

26 January 2015 | In the Media
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The possibility given to the German government to deny social benefits to unemployed EU residents and the possible creation of a European border police force, make it clear that Europe is still managing short-term migration.

This is the opinion of Xavier Aragall, migration expert at the IEMed, who in an article in the newspaper ARA points out that these measures “make it difficult for immigrants to access social benefits and the shield the access to the EU “.

On the contrary, a more strategic and long-term vision should take into account the fact that “in Europe the decline in the working age population has already begun (from 15 to 64 years) and projections indicate that there will be a deficit of millions of people in this age group “, so he believes that states will have to legislate to adapt to a situation marked by the needs of skilled labor, unemployment pockets and irregularity among immigrant communities and the need to reach agreements with neighboring migrant countries.