Transiting Through The Borders Of Our World: A Look At The Migratory Reality

28 November 2019. From 18:30 | Workshop | Spanish | IEMed, Barcelona
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Nowadays, there are more than 1 billion people in the world which are moving across different borders. Boundaries seem to have been strengthened and reclaimed, but in fact, they are boundaries drawn by the human mind and passion between diverse spaces. But borders, when open, are channels for the transit of people, knowledge and goods that throughout history have allowed new realities to be built: civilizations, supranational spheres of collaboration and trade, areas of cultural influence or transnational families.
Alberto Ares holds a PhD in International Migration and Development Cooperation from the Universidad Pontificia Comillas in Madrid. He graduated in Economics and Business Sciences at the University of Valladolid and then specialized in Social Ethics. He is currently the director of the Instituto Universitario de Estudios sobre Migraciones (IUEM) of the Universidad Pontificia Comillas. He also co-directs doctoral theses and teaches in the master’s degrees in International Migration and Development Cooperation at the same university. His studies focus on international migration, integration, religion and migration, development, forced migration and refugees.



Sònia Parella

Professor Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Alberto Ares

Director IUEM