Shall We Talk or What?

4 June 2021. From 16:00 | Workshop | Online
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For a smart, inclusive and sustainable growth of our societies, young people are essential to achieve them. High-quality education and training, good integration into the labor market and greater mobility of young people are key elements in unlocking the potential of all young people. The level of unemployment among graduates of different levels of education and training is of increasing concern. European systems have been slow to respond to the requirements of the knowledge society and have not been able to adapt the curricula and programs to the changing needs of the labor market.

This debate is framed in the program “Young People’s Voices” and divides the young participants into two opposing positions to deal with the issue of mobility and intercultural dialogue as an asset for employability or as an obstacle. Different opinions and ideas are confronted and discussed through different methodologies such as the Oxford debate or the World café.

In a second phase, the young people divided into 3 groups: interculturality, mobility and employability. They write down and discuss the interrelationships that each topic entails in relation to the others, expressing the emotions and conclusions of each participant regarding the topics discussed.