Oppositions and Transitions in the Arab World Post 2011

11 November 2014- 12 November 2014 | Workshop | English | Agadir

The beginning of the second decade of the 21st century was marked by events that, due to their rhythm, density and dynamics they triggered, as well as their effects on the region’s geopolitical equilibriums, made 2011 a turning point in the history of the Arab world. Beyond the diversity of concepts (revolution, riots, Arab spring) and approaches (political, sociological, etc.) of those who have studied the dynamics under way, most of the works focused on the new elites in power. The new opposition seems to have been almost totally overshadowed.

The workshop, organised by the Centre d’études et de recherches en sciences sociales in cooperation with EuroMeSCo, aims to fill in this gap. The event examines the state of the opposition in the context of the new Arab political systems, the challenges they encounter as well as reflects on whether the new civil society movements could institutionalise and become the real actors of change.

The event takes place in Agadir with the participation of several experts from different think-tanks in the Euro-Mediterranean region.