A Transforming Arab World: Between Continuity and Change

3 October 2013- 4 October 2013 | Conference | English | Paris

The EuroMeSCo Conference, co-organised with the European Union Institute for Security Studies in Paris gathers over 80 participants from 25 Euro-Mediterranean countries, among them, several policy makers and experts from different think tanks. The conference aims at discussing in detail the factors behind the current state of play in the Arab world as well as the Euro-Mediterranean dynamics and relations in an unstable southern shore.

The Plenary Sessions explore the elements of continuity and change in the region from an Arab perspective, and the role of the European Union in supporting democratic progress and development in Southern Mediterranean countries.

The parallel working sessions explore three levels affected by the transitional processes: the State, the Region and Civil Society. The first session focuses on the democratic and state reforms in the Southern Mediterranean countries. The second working session stresses the regional implications of national transitions and regional conflicts, while the third aims at discussing the role of civil society and emerging actors in political transitions, such as parties, think tanks and NGOs.