2nd Euro-Mediterranean Regional Conference. The City, Living Heritage

11 October 2012- 12 October 2012 | Conference | Salé

The second Euro-Mediterranean regional conference of the Montada project entitled “The city, living heritage”, highlights the integrated rehabilitation, governance and participation as well as awareness of the city’s heritage as transversal axes of the Montada project.

This meeting aims to facilitate the exchange of ideas, experiences and knowledge on the idea of heritage as a resource of identity, social, cultural and economic cohesion, and promoter of sustainable development at the local level. It is about sharing experiences, creating Euro-Mediterranean synergies and promoting interregional dialogue.

The Montada program, funded by the European Union through the Euromed Heritage 4 program, allows the establishment of a new governance framework through tools for the involvement of society as a whole in the recipient countries (Algeria, Spain, France, Morocco and Tunisia) for the assessment of their own cultures in the historic centers, to act in favor of sustainable urban development (cultural, social, economic and environmental) of Mediterranean cities.

The Montada project website: http://www.montada-forum.net/



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