EuroMeSCo addresses in Morocco how to move towards a Mediterranean with more inclusiveness and more social justice

7 June 2022 | Press release

EuroMeSCo, the main network of think tanks in the Mediterranean, coordinated by the IEMed, opens a series of conferences in Morocco, Jordan, Egypt, and Lebanon that will culminate in Brussels.

The drive for inclusiveness and social justice is the topic of discussion at these meetings of experts and representatives of governments, the EU, and civil society, that will take place between June and October. The first conference takes place on 9 June in Rabat, in collaboration with the Policy Center for the New South, and focuses on the labor inclusion of young people and women in the Mediterranean region.

The main network of think tanks in the Mediterranean, EuroMeSCo, begins this June with a series of conferences in various countries of the region to discuss and propose ideas to make the Mediterranean a region where everyone is guaranteed the same opportunities and is advancing towards widespread social justice.

The first meeting is in Rabat (Morocco), co-organised by EuroMeSCo and the Policy Center for the New South (PCNS), on Thursday, 9 June, starting at 9 a.m. The participants include representatives of the EU and multilateral organizations, civil society representatives, and experts from both European and Mediterranean think tanks. The conference can be followed online on the PCNS YouTube channel.

Senén Florensa, executive president of the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed), and Karim El Ayanoui, executive president of the PCNS, will open the conference that will feature, among others, interventions by Patricia Llombart Cussac, EU ambassador to Morocco; Rania Bikhazi, director for the Maghreb of the International Labor Organization, Hayat el Shoubaki, coordinator of social justice at the WANA Institute (Jordan), or Tina Zintl, researcher at the German Development Institute (DIE), in addition to the contributions of several researchers of the PCNS.

The conference in Morocco will first offer a session on the prospects for the labor inclusion of young people and women from the point of view of the EU, the Moroccan government, and the Union for the Mediterranean. Two plenary sessions are dedicated to the same issue with the presentation of various papers and study proposals. Finally, it has been planned a work session that will explore the labor potential of the digital and sustainable sector for social inclusion in Morocco.

The meeting in Morocco will be followed this June by a conference in Jordan, and another two in Tunisia and Egypt in September and October, before culminating in a final act in Brussels.

What is EuroMeSCo?

It is the main network of research centers and think tanks in the Euro-Mediterranean area and is made up of 117 institutes from 30 European and southern Mediterranean countries. Coordinated since 2010 by the IEMed (based in Barcelona), the network investigates Euro-Mediterranean issues and policies, promotes dialogue between researchers, civil society and institutional representatives, and strengthens Euro-Mediterranean relations.

The series of conferences that it has scheduled between June and October, as well as a large part of its current activity, take place within the framework of the project EuroMesCo: Connecting the Dots (2020-2024), co-financed by the EU and the IEMed, which focuses especially on promoting research on economic development, migration, and security in the Euro-Mediterranean region.