The IEMed Gender Equality Program joins the National Council of Women of Catalonia

6 July 2019 | Corporate news
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The IEMed’s Euro-Mediterranean Gender Equality Program has become a member of the National Council of Women of Catalonia. The CNDC has ratified today its inclusion in a plenary session in Tarragona with the participation of Nour Salameh (IEMed).

The IEMed Euro-Mediterranean Gender Equality Program dedicates part of its work to developing the production and transmission of knowledge on gender equality in the Euro-Mediterranean region with the direct involvement of women’s associations, universities and experts. It also regularly monitors the main issues on the gender equality policy agenda and encourages the transfer of lessons learned and learning exchanges between organizations promoting gender equality in the Mediterranean. The ultimate goal is also to defend women’s rights and encourage dialogue with their local and national governments.

In another of the steps taken to continue promoting this goal, the Gender Equality Program of the IEMed has joined the National Council of Women of Catalonia (CNDC) as a member. The body of the Government of the Generalitat integrates the representations of the entities, which work in in favor of equality and the promotion of women. It also has working groups that currently address older women, health, international participation, women with disabilities, and gender-based violence.