Understanding the Impact of Covid-19 in the Countries of the Southern Mediterranean, Developing Euro-Mediterranean Responses

9 September 2020. From 10:00 | Workshop | English | Online
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The Generalitat de Catalunya, in collaboration with the IEMed, is organizing the cycle “Mediterranean Dialogues + 25” on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Barcelona Process (1995-2020), which this year addresses cross-cutting issues in Euro-Mediterranean relations to provide there are new visions and proposals.

This second dialogue provides information not only on the impact of Covid-19 on the countries of the Southern Mediterranean and the support that the EU has provided to the region, but also on the possible future scenarios for Euro-Mediterranean cooperation.

Among other things, the following issues are addressed:

· How have the public authorities of the Mediterranean countries managed the pandemic? Have they mitigated the socio-economic impact? What perspectives do they have?
· What has been the role of sub-state authorities?
· How has the EU supported the Southern Neighborhood in the face of the pandemic? What has been the perception in these countries?
· How does all this affect the main orientations of the EU’s neighborhood policies and instruments with regard to the region? Does it have an impact on the Euro-Mediterranean trade agenda or on EU support for reforms in these countries?