“North Africa’s New Wind”, IX North African Business and Development Forum

19 November 2012 | Conference | English | Llotja de Mar, Barcelona

This ninth edition of the North African Business and Development Forum, “North Africa’s New Wind”, is part of the 6th week of Mediterranean Leaders economic.

This edition provides an opportunity to entrepreneurs, business leaders and representatives of multilateral organizations and Government agencies to share their experiences and their views as to explore new business opportunities and analyze new prospects for development in the region. The themes that are covered during this edition tackle economic reforms, financing of the after Arab-spring, the business opportunities in North Africa in the energy sector and the challenges of the industry of tourism and recreation.

The aim is to analyze the economic and financial reforms that Maghreb governments must confront to guarantee stability and socially inclusive economic growth as well as the opportunities that these countries offer in economic sectors, such as energy and tourism. Other sessions examine whether the region can finance itself in an adverse global economic context and the opportunities these countries can explore in fields such as energy and tourism.

The event gathers businesspeople, experts and government as well as institutional representatives from countries on both shores of the Mediterranean.




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