Economic Transformation of Mediterranean Countries and Job Creation

18 October 2012 | Workshop | French | Marseille

What economic transformations to promote job creation in the Mediterranean countries?

With 280 million young people under the age of 24 in the MENA region, or 50% of the population, youth represent a decisive economic stake for the Euro-Med region. While it constitutes a considerable asset in the face of an aging Europe,
young people from SEMCs have high expectations, particularly in terms of access to employment and represent a challenge for the economic and political leaders of the region. However, the economies in the SEMCs do not currently create enough added value, nor enough jobs, in particular qualified for the best trained young people.

What economic transformations in the region would create favorable conditions for job creation?

What future-generating investments to put in place? What innovative financing?

This round table aims to provide cooperation actors (NGOs and associations, representatives of local communities, decentralized cooperation actors, companies, etc.) with a macroeconomic framework to enable them to better identify opportunities in the region.