Josep Ferré

Acting Director General of the European Institute of the Mediterranean

The European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed) and the association eco-union have been working for years to promote respect for the environment and sustainable development. Both organisations have long experience in projects related to environmental values in the Mediterranean. This is why we considered it opportune to combine efforts to prepare this issue of Quaderns de la Mediterrània entitled “Nature and Sustainability. Coexisting in the Mediterranean”. We have divided the dossier into four main issues: Towards an Ecological Awareness, For a Clean Mediterranean, Challenges to Obtain New Resources, and Public and Private Sustainability.

This interdisciplinary analysis has contributions by several experts who, from different angles and specific issues, address the different challenges currently faced by the Mediterranean Sea. Thus, the dossier seeks to offer answers that can bring about greater sustainability and equity in the Mediterranean region. As we know, this is not an easy task because the Mediterranean Sea is highly polluted and exploited while the region is densely populated and one of the most important focuses of tourism in the world.

The objective of laying new foundations so that we can work on a new ecological awareness should be considered by all society actors with the aim of finding solutions to problems that concern not only the people currently living in the Mediterranean region but also future generations. The effects of pollution and irresponsible tourism as well as the loss of biodiversity will be seen in the short term and the environmental problems are accumulating with the passage of time. It is therefore essential to change the current resource management strategies to prevent the degradation of the area from being irreversible. We hope that with this issue of Quaderns de la Mediterrània we can help raise awareness of the need to respect our environment to guarantee our development.