No hay ojos en el mar. El papel de las ONG en la cobertura mediática de los flujos de inmigrantes y las relaciones con los medios mainstream

21 March 2023 | | Spanish


slideshow image Life jackets float in the water during a training exercise by German NGO Sea-Eye, August 29, 2019. REUTERS/Darrin Zammit Lupi


This paper explores the role played by humanitarian organisations in the information landscape after the so-called «refugee crisis». Analysing various studies on the relationship between the media and NGOs, and through interviews with communication professionals from three entities, the changes in the relationship between press offices and the mainstream media and in the communication provided by these same organisations have been examined. The interviews have highlighted that the informative capacity of NGOs has changed, especially thanks to the Internet and social networks, turning their press offices into true means of communication. In addition, these NGOs try to influence the public discourse on migration and, consequently, promote change in society: this has made the communication work of these organisations a fundamental part of their humanitarian action itself.

This study received the third prize in the Best Master’s Dissertations 2020-2021 awards organized by the Aula Mediterrània Program.