Innovating from the Margins

Fatima Ezzamouri

Project Manager and coordinator of the Asociación Sobre Los Márgenes

Innovating, along with doing something different and unexpected, involves proposing something valuable, different from other things that have already been provided, which often means that the new proposals – particularly if they come from people with limited resources – are not understood and appreciated by society. However, innovating from the margins can also be an opportunity to exploit a margin of action to do something different with a positive impact on society. Innovation from the margins is necessary because, in this way, people with fewer resources can break down the stereotypes that are often applied to them and speak out, becoming the drivers of social change. A good example of this is the Asociación Sobre Los Márgenes, which gives a voice to the interests of young people on the margins and calls to fight against the education gap in Europe.

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