E-Commerce and the Digital Economy in Morocco, a Factor of Social Inclusivity and Employment: Context, Approach and Limits

28 février 2023 | Paper | Anglais


slideshow image Photo by Sebastian Sikora/Flickr

Within the framework of “Euromesco: Connecting the Dots“, a project co-funded by the European Union and the IEMed.


The Moroccan job market offers few opportunities for young non-educated Moroccans. With the rise of the Internet, many Moroccans sought to find new ways to generate an income and find financial stability.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen a rise of Moroccan entrepreneurs in e-commerce and dropshipping and a dramatic increase of motivational and educational content that aims at encouraging more people to seek this type of career. This phenomenon is not well studied, and the link between the rise of digital jobs in Morocco and social inclusiveness is even less explored.

In this paper, Youssef Tobi aims to interview dropshippers and other e-commerce professionals to establish the link between the rise of digital jobs and social inclusivity, given that Moroccans who seek this type of professional pathways are often unemployed and come from lower social classes.

Visit the EuroMesCo website to download the report.