Driving Change through Policy Implementation: Setting the Stage for the Mediterranean Youth in Action Programme

Alessandro Giovanni Lamonica

PhD, Liaison Officer in Brussels, Anna Lindh Foundation

In the last few years, the European Union and its partners have developed various policies and initiatives to promote and enable youth participation. To face this challenge, the Anna Lindh Foundation is preparing to launch the Mediterranean Youth in Action programme, which aims to empower, engage and connect young people in the Euro-Mediterranean region by increasing their participation in policy- and decision-making processes. Indeed, the Anna Lindh Foundation aims to offer young Euro-Mediterranean citizens the tools they need to create meaningful change and to become active in their communities. Young representatives from the Mediterranean Youth in Action programme will be invited to join policy- and decision-makers in relevant national and international forums to develop leadership skills and influence public policy. The programme will join a constellation of initiatives whose potential to impact the region’s cultural, social, economic and political landscape is great, as is the responsibility to make it happen together.


Youth civic engagement and participation in decision-making processes have become a global priority for public policies. However, significant challenges persist for young people, including in the Euro-Mediterranean region. These obstacles include structural, organisational, administrative, legal and financial barriers, and a lack of trust in institutions and politics. These challenges have led to lower youth civic engagement rates in recent years, amplified by the alarming trend of democratic backsliding, economic crises, increasing social inequalities, and political instability.

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