Construcción de la «amenaza existencial» y securitización del programa nuclear Iraní. La influencia de las élites en el discurso de seguridad Israelí

21 March 2023 | | Spanish


slideshow image IDF patrol along Gaza strip border fence. Shutterstock


The evolution of relations between Iran and Israel demonstrates that the definition of security and existential threats depends on historical, ideological and power considerations. How has the Iranian “existential threat” narrative been constructed in Israel? According to the theory of securitization and the Sociology of Power, the Israeli perception of the Iranian nuclear threat is shaped by securitization processes conceived as one more strategy of the competition of the elites to stabilize power, through the management of society and distancing from the broader conception of security.

This study received the second prize in the Best Master’s Dissertations 2020-2021 awards organized by the Aula Mediterrània Program.