Spain-Turkey Civic Forum / Expert workshop “Water in Mediterranean countries: problems and solutions” / I Conference of Rectors of the Union for the Mediterranean

Duration: 2010

Budget: €100,000

The programme consists in the organisation of three high level events, to promote exchanges and produce policy proposals on the most pressing issues related to the Mediterranean region during the Spanish Presidency of the European Union, namely: the accession of Turkey to the EU, the adoption of Water Strategy for the Mediterranean, as well as the state of Higher Education and Research in the Mediterranean.

  • Spain-Turkey Civic Forum: the forum brings together political, economic and cultural actors from both countries to support the growing deepening of Spanish-Turkish relations within the framework of Turkey’s accession process to the European Union. In this regard, the forum pays particular attention to critical areas such as Turkey’s political and economic reform program and its foreign policy. The Civic Forum targets businessmen, politicians and diplomatic corps and representatives from the world of culture and journalists.

Main conclusions and contents of the Forum are gathered in a monograph Reinforcing Bilateral Relations for a Common European Vision, which includes chapters on the accession process, pointing to the similarities and specificities of the Spanish and Turkish accession processes in terms of institutional, economic, legal and social reforms.

  • Expert workshop “Water in Mediterranean countries: problems and solutions”: The workshop is organised prior to the IV Euro-Mediterranean Ministerial Conference on water, held within the framework of the Spanish Presidency of the EU and aims to adopt a Water Strategy for the Mediterranean, defining a political, methodological and financial framework that facilitates the implementation of regional policies on the management and use of water resources.

Gathering experts on the management of water resources, the workshop aims to contribute to the debates of the Ministerial Conference through the identification of tools of strategic analysis capable to measure the balance between available water resources and existing and expected demand, with special emphasis on large urban population centers and areas that suffer periods of endemic scarcity as a consequence of climate change.

  • I Conference of Rectors of the Union for the Mediterranean: The Conference, gathering rectors and representatives of both European and Southern Mediterranean Partner Countries´ universities aims to analyze the state of the process of El Cairo, which sets the priorities for the period 2008-2010 in the field of higher education and research.  As a result of the deliberations held during the conference, the heads of higher education centers and more than one hundred experts gathered approved a declaration with concrete policy proposals.