Multiple framework contract for studies in the field of external relations

Duration: 2019-2022

Value of the contract: €400.000

The purpose of this contract is to provide the Committee of the Regions with various types of external expertise for assisting the CoR’s services in analytical work, research and planning designed to provide the CoR with in-depth knowledge that will enable it to strengthen its consultative and political role at inter-institutional level. 

The expertise focuses in particular on the local and regional dimension of EU policies and legislation and their impact on local and regional authorities in the following areas:

  • European Neighbourhood Policy, Eastern Partnership and Euro-Mediterranean cooperation: contribute to the establishment of bridges between local and regional authorities in the EU and Neighbourhood countries, so as to promote cross-border and interregional cooperation;
  • EU Decentralised cooperation for development and other activities by EU local and regional authorities and their associations in the field of development policy and cooperation;
  • EU enlargement policy with a focus on improving the administrative capacity of the candidate and potential candidate countries, stepping up support for their associations of municipalities and regions, further development of decentralisation processes as well as strengthening of local and regional self-government/ administration, the involvement of the CoR at EU institutional level.

In the framework of the contract, the IEMed has so far contributed to the following reports:

  • The Contribution of Local and Regional Authorities to Regional Integration in the Mediterranean
  • Contribution of Local and Regional Authorities to the Development of the Blue Economy in the Mediterranean
  • Agriculture and Food Security in Climate Sensitive Areas in the Mediterranean
  • Digitalisation of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the Mediterranean



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