INVESTMED – InNoVativE Sustainable sTart-ups for the MEDiterranean

Duration: 2019-2021

Budget: € 3,818,482.25. Executed by the IEMed: € 235,042.80.

Micro, Small and Medium sized Enterprises face important challenges in terms of competitiveness, sustainability, internationalization and capacity to innovate. Urgent measures are needed to generate inclusive economic growth and create employment in order to reduce the high unemployment rates and absorb new entrants into the work force, especially young people and women. Moreover, there is a need to tackle common environmental challenges and untap the potential of natural and cultural resources to create sustainable growth and economic development. Greening the economy and valorising natural assets can provide both economic and environmental benefits in the region.

Against this backdrop, the INVESTEMD project aims at addressing both economic and environmental challenges, by supporting new, sustainable business opportunities for young people and women in three Mediterranean Partner Countries: Egypt, Lebanon and Tunisia.

INVESTMED will have an impact on MSMEs, start-ups and recently established enterprises where staff will be trained and coached to become more sustainable and competitive and financially supported via an open competition. Specific business incubation services will also be established for sustainable start-ups as well while relevant public authorities will benefit from capacity building and exchange of best practices to facilitate access and protect IPR for MSMEs.

The INVESTMED Project is co-funded by the European Union under the ENI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme 2014-2020.


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