Enhanced EU-GCC Political Dialogue, Cooperation and Outreach

Duration: 2020-2023

Budget: €3,250,300.  Executed by the IEMed: €487,545.

This action aims to contribute to a stronger relationship between the EU and the GCC by enhancing political dialogue, cooperation and outreach between the two parties. The project will do so by supporting the GCC countries in their ongoing national transformation processes, facilitating the effective implementation and monitoring of the Cooperation Agreements with the GCC, improving the understanding and visibility of the EU in the region and helping to deepen people-to-people links between the two regions.

The project will be structured around two interrelated components:

Component 1 will focus on political cooperation between the EU and each of the GCC countries. The key point of reference for this component will be the national transformation / national visions/development plans of the respective GCC countries and the Cooperation Arrangements signed between the EU and the GCC countries.

Component 2 will focus on public diplomacy. Together with Component 1, it will work to improve understanding and awareness of the European Union in the region and create stronger trust and linkages between people from both sides. To this end, it will use various tools including workshops, study visits, institutional collaborations, cultural exchanges, etc. 

The project will focus on bilateral cooperation with each of the six GCC countries and eventually merge into a regional logic as appropriate.



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